• Casters Up to 40,000 lbs

    100% Made In The USA

    Diameters 1" to 25" / Capacity 400 to 40,000 lbs

  • Casters

    TriWich Promotes "Made in the USA" Casters Only

    RWM patented the KINGPINLESS Caster which is recognized as the highest qualtiy caster globally

    Once you experience the high quality of RWM, you never go back to cheaper quality casters again.

    We have partnered with RWM since 2017

    RWM has over 10,000 casters (we know them all)

    The Casters We Swing

    Learn about RWM Caster > https://www.rwmcasters.com

    Materials we recommend most often:

    • Pneumatic (PN) - Gravel, Dirt, Grass, Sand, Snow, Ice
    • Nylatron (NY) - Asphalt, Concrete, Towing
    • Durastan (DU) - Inside Garage Low Capacity 
    • Ergo-GT (GT) - Inside Garage High Capacity
    • Cast Iron (CI) - High Temperature Ovens
    • Urethane on Iron (UI) - Shock Absorbing

    RMW Series (Made Easy)

    The 2,000 lbs/caster plate (4.0" x 4.5")

    Quality & Cost of Ownership

    • 46 - Kingpin - Low Duty (1,200 lbs/caster)
    • 47 - Kingpinless - Medium Duty (1,500 lbs/caster)
    • 48 - Maintenance Free - Medium Duty (1,500 lbs/caster)
    • 58 - Maintenance Free - Heavy Duty (2,000 lbs/caster)
    • 65 - Kingpinless - Heavy Duty (2,000 lbs/caster)

    The 6,000 lbs/caster plate (4.5" x 6.5")

    KINPINLESS is King

    • 53 - Kingpin - Medium Duty (1,800 lbs/caster)
    • 68 - Maintenance Free- Heavy Duty (2,500 lbs/caster)
    • 75 - Kingpinless - Heavy Duty (6,000 lbs/caster)

    Above 6,000 lbs

    KINPINLESS is King

    • 76 - Kingpinless - Heavy Duty (7,000 lbs/caster)
    • 85 - Kingpinless - Heavy Duty (10,000 lbs/caster)
    • 95 - Kingpinless - Heavy Duty (20,000 lbs/caster))
    • 125 - Kingpinless - Heavy Duty (40,000 lbs/caster)

    Pneumatic Double Wheel Casters

    Lips, Cracks, Gravel, Dirt, Grass, Sand, Snow, Ice
    Military Contacted us once they saw us spinning a Shipping Container with these

    T36: (2000 lbs) 10" / 2-75-FNB-1041-S-XD
    T52: (2400 lbs) 12" / 2-85-FNB-1241-S-XD
    T54: (3000 lbs) 14″ / 2-85-FNB-1448-S-XD
    T54: (4800 lbs) 16″ / 2-125-FNT-1648-S-XD
    T54: (6600 lbs) 18" / 2-125-FNT-1857-S-XD
    T54: (8400 lbs) 21" / 2-125-FNT-2169-S-XD


    Nylatron Double Wheel Casters

    Maximum Capacity Per Caster Family
    Double Wheels used for Tarmac Towing Dollies

    T36: (4000 lbs) 5" / 2-75-NYB-0520-S
    T36: (4400 lbs) 6" / 2-75-NYB-0620-S
    T36: (6000 lbs) 8" / 2-75-NYB-0820-S
    T37: (7000 lbs) 6" / 2-76-NYB-0630-S
    T37: (7000 lbs) 8" / 2-76-NYB-0830-S
    T39: (10000 lbs) 6" / 2-85-NYB-0630-S
    T51: (10000 lbs) 10" / 2-85-NYB-1030-S
    T51: (10000 lbs) 10" / 2-85-NYB-1040-S
    T51: (10000 lbs) 12" / 2-85-NYB-1230-S
    T51: (10000 lbs) 8" / 2-85-NYB-0830-S
    T51: (10000 lbs) 8" / 2-85-NYB-0840-S
    T52: (20000 lbs) 10" / 2-95-NYB-1030-S
    T52: (20000 lbs) 10" / 2-95-NYB-1040-S
    T52: (20000 lbs) 12" / 2-95-NYB-1230-S
    T52: (20000 lbs) 6" / 2-95-NYB-0630-S
    T52: (20000 lbs) 8" / 2-95-NYB-0830-S
    T52: (20000 lbs) 8" / 2-95-NYB-0840-S
    T64: (28000 lbs) 8" / 2-125-NYB-0840-S
    T64: (33000 lbs) 10" / 2-125-NYB-1040-S
    T64: (33000 lbs) 12" / 2-125-NYB-1240-S


    Nylatron Single Wheel Casters

    The Heavy Duty Benchmark $/lbs
    Asphalt / Concrete / Towing

    T12: (1200 lbs) 4" / 46-NYB-0420-S
    T22: (1200 lbs) 5" / 46-NYB-0520-S
    T22: (1500 lbs) 4" / 47-NYB-0420-S
    T22: (1500 lbs) 4" / 48-NYB-0420-S
    T22: (1500 lbs) 5" / 47-NYB-0520-S
    T22: (1500 lbs) 5" / 48-NYB-0520-S
    T22: (2000 lbs) 4" / 65-NYB-0420-S
    T22: (2000 lbs) 5" / 65-NYB-0520-S
    T22: (2000 lbs) 6" / 58-NYB-0620-S
    T22: (2000 lbs) 6" / 65-NYB-0620-S
    T22: (2000 lbs) 8" / 65-NYB-0820-S
    T26: (2000 lbs) 4" / 68-NYB-0420-S
    T26: (2000 lbs) 5" / 68-NYB-0520-S
    T26: (2200 lbs) 6" / 68-NYB-0620-S
    T26: (2500 lbs) 6" / 68-NYB-0630-S
    T36: (2500 lbs) 8" / 68-NYB-0820-S
    T36: (6000 lbs) 10" / 75-NYB-1030-S
    T36: (6000 lbs) 6" / 75-NYB-0630-S
    T36: (6000 lbs) 8" / 75-NYB-0830-S
    T37: (7000 lbs) 6" / 76-NYB-0630-S
    T37: (7000 lbs) 8" / 76-NYB-0830-S
    T39: (10000 lbs) 6" / 85-NYB-0630-S
    T47: (7000 lbs) 10" / 76-NYB-1030-S
    T47: (7000 lbs) 12" / 76-NYB-1230-S
    T51: (10000 lbs) 10" / 85-NYB-1030-S
    T51: (10000 lbs) 12" / 85-NYB-1230-S
    T51: (10000 lbs) 8" / 85-NYB-0830-S
    T52: (10000 lbs) 10" / 95-NYB-1030-S
    T52: (10000 lbs) 12" / 95-NYB-1230-S
    T52: (10000 lbs) 6" / 95-NYB-0630-S
    T52: (10000 lbs) 8" / 95-NYB-0830-S
    T52: (14000 lbs) 8" / 95-NYB-0840-S
    T52: (16500 lbs) 10" / 95-NYB-1040-S
    T54: (14000 lbs) 8" / 125-NYB-0840-S
    T54: (16500 lbs) 10" / 125-NYB-1040-S

    Durastan Single Wheel Casters

    Most Economical Casters for Inside Applications
    T12: (400 lbs) 3-1/4"  /  46-DUR-3220-S
    T12: (800 lbs) 4"  /  46-DUR-0420-S
    T12: (800 lbs) 4"  /  47-DUR-0420-S
    T12: (800 lbs) 4"  /  48-DUR-0420-S
    T22: (1000 lbs) 4"  /  65-DUR-0420-S
    T22: (1000 lbs) 5"  /  46-DUR-0520-S
    T22: (1000 lbs) 5"  /  47-DUR-0520-S
    T22: (1000 lbs) 5"  /  48-DUB-0520-S
    T22: (1000 lbs) 5"  /  48-DUR-0520-S
    T22: (1000 lbs) 5"  /  65-DUR-0520-S
    T22: (1200 lbs) 6"  /  46-DUR-0620-S
    T22: (1200 lbs) 6"  /  47-DUR-0620-S
    T22: (1200 lbs) 6"  /  48-DUB-0620-S
    T22: (1200 lbs) 6"  /  48-DUR-0620-S
    T22: (1200 lbs) 6"  /  58-DUB-0620-S
    T22: (1200 lbs) 6"  /  65-DUR-0620-S
    T22: (1200 lbs) 8"  /  46-DUR-0820-S
    T22: (1400 lbs) 8"  /  47-DUR-0820-S
    T22: (1400 lbs) 8"  /  48-DUB-0820-S
    T22: (1400 lbs) 8"  /  48-DUR-0820-S
    T22: (1400 lbs) 8"  /  58-DUB-0820-S
    T22: (1400 lbs) 8"  /  65-DUR-0820-S
    T26: (1600 lbs) 6"  /  75-DUR-0625-S
    T26: (2000 lbs) 6"  /  75-DUR-0630-S
    T26: (2000 lbs) 8"  /  75-DUR-0825-S
    T26: (2200 lbs) 10"  /  75-DUR-1025-S
    T36: (2500 lbs) 8"  /  75-DUR-0830-S
    T36: (2900 lbs) 10"  /  75-DUR-1030-S
    T36: (3000 lbs) 12"  /  75-DUR-1225-S
    T36: (3500 lbs) 12"  /  75-DUR-1230-S
    T37: (1600 lbs) 6"  /  76-DUR-0625-S
    T37: (2000 lbs) 6"  /  76-DUR-0630-S
    T37: (2000 lbs) 8"  /  76-DUR-0825-S
    T37: (2500 lbs) 10"  /  76-DUR-1025-S
    T37: (2500 lbs) 8"  /  76-DUR-0830-S
    T37: (2900 lbs) 10"  /  76-DUR-1030-S
    T37: (3000 lbs) 12"  /  76-DUR-1225-S
    T37: (3500 lbs) 12"  /  76-DUR-1230-S
    T39: (2000 lbs) 6"  /  85-DUR-0630-S
    T39: (2500 lbs) 8"  /  85-DUR-0830-S
    T39: (4000 lbs) 12"  /  85-DUR-1240-S
    T51: (2900 lbs) 10"  /  85-DUR-1030-S
    T51: (3500 lbs) 12"  /  85-DUR-1230-S
    T51: (4000 lbs) 16″  /  85-DUR-1630-S
    T52: (2000 lbs) 6"  /  95-DUR-0630-S
    T52: (2500 lbs) 8"  /  95-DUR-0830-S
    T52: (2900 lbs) 10"  /  95-DUR-1030-S
    T52: (3500 lbs) 12"  /  95-DUR-1230-S
    T52: (4000 lbs) 12"  /  95-DUR-1240-S
    T52: (4000 lbs) 16″  /  95-DUR-1630-S
    T52: (8000 lbs) 16″  /  95-DUR-1640-S


    Cast Iron Single Wheel Casters

    High Temperature Oven Applications

    T12: (800 lbs) 4" / 46-CIR-0420-S
    T12: (800 lbs) 4" / 47-CIR-0420-S
    T12: (800 lbs) 4" / 48-CIR-0420-S
    T12: (800 lbs) 4" / 65-CIR-0420-S
    T22: (1000 lbs) 5" / 46-CIR-0520-S
    T22: (1000 lbs) 5" / 47-CIR-0520-S
    T22: (1000 lbs) 5" / 48-CIR-0520-S
    T22: (1000 lbs) 5" / 65-CIR-0520-S
    T22: (1200 lbs) 6" / 46-CIR-0620-S
    T22: (1200 lbs) 6" / 47-CIR-0620-S
    T22: (1200 lbs) 6" / 48-CIR-0620-S
    T22: (1200 lbs) 6" / 58-CIR-0620-S
    T22: (1200 lbs) 6" / 65-CIR-0620-S
    T22: (1200 lbs) 8" / 46-CIR-0820-S
    T36: (2000 lbs) 5" / 75-CIR-0525-S
    T37: (2000 lbs) 5" / 76-CIR-0525-S
    T37: (1800 lbs) 6" / 76-CIR-0625-S
    T22: (1400 lbs) 8" / 47-CIR-0820-S
    T22: (1400 lbs) 8" / 48-CIR-0820-S
    T22: (1400 lbs) 8" / 58-CIR-0820-S
    T22: (1400 lbs) 8" / 65-CIR-0820-S
    T36: (2000 lbs) 8" / 75-CIR-0825-S
    T37: (2000 lbs) 8" / 76-CIR-0825-S
    T36: (3000 lbs) 6" / 75-CIR-0630-S
    T37: (3000 lbs) 6" / 76-CIR-0630-S
    T51: (3000 lbs) 6" / 85-CIR-0630-S
    T52: (3000 lbs) 6" / 95-CIR-0630-S
    T36: (3000 lbs) 8" / 75-CIR-0830-S
    T37: (3000 lbs) 8" / 76-CIR-0830-S
    T51: (3000 lbs) 8" / 85-CIR-0830-S
    T52: (3000 lbs) 8" / 95-CIR-0830-S
    T36: (2500 lbs) 10" / 75-CIR-1025-S
    T37: (2500 lbs) 10" / 76-CIR-1025-S
    T51: (4000 lbs) 8" / 85-CIR-0840-S
    T52: (4000 lbs) 8" / 95-CIR-0840-S
    T54: (4000 lbs) 8" / 125-CIR-0840-S
    T36: (4000 lbs) 10" / 75-CIR-1030-S
    T37: (4000 lbs) 10" / 76-CIR-1030-S
    T51: (4000 lbs) 10" / 85-CIR-1030-S
    T52: (4000 lbs) 10" / 95-CIR-1030-S
    T54: (5000 lbs) 10" / 125-CIR-1040-S
    T36: (5000 lbs) 12" / 75-CIR-1230-S
    T37: (5000 lbs) 12" / 76-CIR-1230-S
    T51: (5000 lbs) 12" / 85-CIR-1230-S
    T52: (5000 lbs) 12" / 95-CIR-1230-S
    T54: (6000 lbs) 10" / 125-CIR-1050-S
    T54: (10000 lbs) 11" / 125-CIR-1160-S
    T54: (10000 lbs) 12" / 125-CIR-1260-S


    Terms & Conditions
    Normal shipping schedules will average three to four weeks, after acceptance, on manufactured items. Standard RAPIDSTOCK items normally ship within 1 to 5 days after acceptance. All orders entered, agreements made and shipping schedules are contingent upon receipt of raw materials and are subject to delays on account of fire, explosions, strikes, accidents, governmental actions and other causes beyond our control. $100.00 minimum order.
    All shipments are F.O.B.  Contact a TRIWICH® representative to get additional information on the TRIWICH® freight program.
    TRIWICH® standard terms are net 30 days for companies with Purchase Order (PO) . Non PO customer payment is required prior to shipment.
    Late Fees variable 1.5% of any open balance and a monthly fixed $250 monthly
    TRIWICH® reserves the right to charge a 20% cancellation fee on all orders cancelled after start of production. Cancellations for custom made items will not be accepted.
    Do not return any goods without prior written authorization. A return goods authorization may be obtained from a TRIWICH® customer service representative. A charge of 25% with a minimum of $50.00 will be made for restocking current production items. Obsolete, custom built, special or modified products are not subject to return. Special items include, but are not limited to, dolly length greater than 12", casters with brakes, etc. Return authorizations are issued at TRIWICH®’s discretion. TRIWICH® reserves the right to deny any request for a return authorization. Any erroneous shipment claims must be made within 30 days from shipment date.
    TriWich® brings you the advantage of extensive testing at every stage, from design to manufacturing. Every dolly, caster, and wheel we sell has passed real world tests of durability as well as severe in-house tests.
    Our staff of design engineers and customer service representatives are ready to provide accurate and reliable solutions for customers in all markets. Our engineers utilize the most recent release of CAD programs to assist them in product design.
    Don’t see what you want? Just tell us what you need and we’ll engineer and configure a dolly system to match your needs precisely.
    All TRIWICH® products are warranted for a period of one year from the date of manufacture against defective materials and workmanship. In no event shall the seller be liable for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from the use of the product or for consequential or inconsequential damages. Except for the limited warranty described, we make no expressed warranty with respect to any products sold under this contract and specifically exclude any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. If the product is being acquired for resale, the buyer will make, in connection with any such resale, only those warranties contained herein, and will indemnify us against any such claims, causes of action and judgements which arise from any representation, warranties or agreements made by or entered into by the buyer, other than those contained herein. Modifications and machining to TRIWICH® product after sale will void product warranty unless otherwise previously specified and approved.
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