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    Tell us what what you are trying to do:
    Weight (lbs/kg) Surface (Asphalt, Gravel, Grass, Sand, Snow Ice) & Any Obstacles (Lips, Gates, Roofs)

    10878 Camp Rock Road (Freight)
    PO.BOX 2121 (USPS)
    Lucerne Valley, CA 92356
    7AM-2PM PST
    909 582 9591
  • Tri-Wich-Payment Options

    Bank Wire / ACH / Zelle / Credit Card / Venmo / E-Check / Check / Financing Company or Individual

    Tri-Wich -Payment Options:

    Bank Wire/ACH - ask details from AP@TriWich.com

    Zelle - ask details from AP@TriWich.com
    Credit Cards -Bank Fee of 4% added

    Venmo - See Venmo below

    E-Check - Send email to AP@TriWich.com


    Company CAPEX up to 100% - See Reliant Capital Group below

    Individuals up to $5,000 - See SNAP! Finance below


    Physical Check:


    10878 Camp Rock Road

    Lucern Valley, CA 92345

    Physical Check Notes:

    Would you write a check to NIKI JUST DO IT


    Keep it Simple / Make the check out to just


    Company Financing / Reliant Capital Group

    If you are a company and prefer to finance your CAPEX

    We partner with Reliant Capital Group to help you::

    • Defer your payments for 3-12 months
    • 2 hour credit approvals
    • Application only financing
    • Flexible terms 12-84 months
    • Competitive rates starting at 4.99%
    Click link to apply


    Individual Financing / SNAP! Finance

    If you are a private individual with good credit, Snap! Finance can help you with a $5,000 loan. Request from AP@TriWich.com


    Scan with your phone and make a payment

  • About Us

    TriWich started as a weekend garage hobby.

    And its turned into an amazing product/story.

    TriWich Modular Mobility Solutions

    TriWich Modular Mobility Solutions
    Moving Shipping Containers, Aircraft, Semi-Trucks, and Machinery up to 320,000 pounds.
    From 18,000 lbs/tire Semi-Truck Dual Wheel Dollies
    to Shipping container trailers for trucks or any other shipping container equipment for forklifts, tractors
    or driving on the highway, you have come to the right place.

    The TriWich Story

    After breaking every wheel dolly in the market picking up his RV/5th-wheeler, a friend asked for some help.
    With a big enough lever you can move the world, right?
    A prototype quickly followed that successfully lifted that 5th-wheeler and a 20,000 lbs Semi-Truck.
    After reducing 80% of the metal and increasing strength 1000%, we patented our "Wheel Dolly" design.
    Toyota and Peterbilt were our first Wheel Dolly customers.
    COVID then stopped the world, however, during that time we developed our Tri60 and spun a Shipping Container on sand.
    The military contacted us and we started fabricating solutins for moving containers with forklifts, tractors, pulling like a wage
    And then moving shipping containers down the highway with our lastet patent "LiftWich"


    Triwich Tri60 is 100% modular and is the true universal dolly


    The same TriWich can pick up a supercar, RV, Semi-Truck, Shipping Container, 247,000 lbs Airplane, 320,000 lbs machinery
    Easy to retrofit every dolly you own onto a Tri60 dolly, so stop inventing in cheap dollies you throw away.
    Get one Tri60 and you can move everything in your house with ease

    Daniel Goetsch / 909-582-9591 / Dan@TriWich.com / www.TriWich.com