• Modular Mobility Solutions

    Moving Shipping Containers, Aircraft,

    Semi-Trucks & Machinery

    Up to 320,000 lbs

    Most Cost Effective Shipping Container Systems Globally

    USPTO Patented and 100% Made in the USA

  • Shipping Containers

    ForkWich - Position containers with your Forklft

    Tri-Coupler - Use your Tractor 3-Point Hitch to drive containers

    V-Wich - pull a container with your truck "The US Navy Wagon"

    R-Wich - Move fully loaded containers with an Airport Caddy

    SwivelWich - Spin Fully Loaded Containers 360 degrees

    LiftWich - Jack & Tow containers with your Pickup Truck


    Jack and Tow Shipping Container

    Drive Them Down the Highway

    Every Business Model Possible

    Modular Wheel Dollies

    18,000 lbs/tires

    Ultra Low Profile 18" (1x18") 2,500 lbs/tire

    Standard Dually 24" (2x11") 6,000 lbs/tire

    Semi-Truck Dually 28" (2x13") 18,000 lbs/tire

    Tarmac Aircraft Wheel Dollies 99,000 lbs/tire

    60,000 lbs / dolly (150,000 lbs Aircraft)

    TriWich Tri60

    The Universal 100% Modular Dolly

    Shipping Containers / Aircraft /

    Semi-Trucks / RVs / Machinery / Equipment